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Dr. Klodian Rado is more than a Canada immigration consultant. He is a Law Professor, Former Judge, International Legal Consultant, Author, seiden schlafmaske Legal Scholar, and Mentor ghostwriting seminararbeit, with about 20 years of transnational professional legal experience, ready to represent you in all matters pertaining to Canadian immigration.
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Being himself an immigrant, Dr. Rado is dedicating now his multidimensional career to akademische ghostwriter helping people to come to Canada, for a better future. Dr. Rado also provides immigration assistance pro-bono based on compassionate grounds as the need arises.

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Find out what it takes to be eligible for Canadian immigration and begin your clear path to Canada.

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    Express Entry
    Federal Skilled Worker
    Canadian Economic Class
    Federal Skilled Trades
    Provincial Nomination Programs


    Study Visa
    Work Permit
    Work Permit for Partner
    Work After Graduation
    Post Graduate Work Permit


    Temporary Workers
    Working as Student
    Agricultural Workers
    Live-in Caregiver Program
    International Experience Canada


    Business People
    Business Visitors
    Intra-Company Transferee
    Traders and Investors


    Spouse / Common Law Partner
    Parents / Grandparents / Relatives


    Refugee Status
    Refugee Appeals


    Visitor Visa
    Super Visa

    Whats going on


    IRCC has Designated March as its Fraud Prevention Month!

    Every year in March, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) participates in the Canadian Government’s Fraud Prevention Month to raise awareness about the fraud experienced by newcomers to Canada and how they can protect themselves. This initiative is part of the Canadian government's efforts to promote immigration services that are safe, ethical, and legal.

    During Fraud Prevention Month, IRCC provides information and resources to help
    Canadians and newcomers recognize and avoid common types of immigration fraud, such
    ● False job offers,
    ● Fake immigration consultants, and
    ● Marriage fraud;

    IRCC also works with its partners, including law enforcement agencies and community organizations, to investigate and prosecute those who engage in immigration fraud and related criminal activities. By raising awareness about immigration fraud and scams, IRCC aims to help Canadians and newcomers make informed decisions about immigration and to ensure that the immigration system is fair and transparent for everyone.

    It is important to remember that IRCC will never email or call applicants to confirm basic information provided on application forms or ask for banking or credit card information by

    Here are some tips to keep in mind as an immigrant or newcomer to Canada:
    ● No one can guarantee you a job or a visa to Canada;
    ● Only immigration officers in Canada, and at Canadian embassies, high commissions
    and consulates can decide to issue a visa;
    ● Processing fees for IRCC services are the same in Canada and around the world.
    Fees in local currencies are based on official exchange rates;
    ● IRCC will ask you to pay fees for Canadian government services to the “Receiver
    General for Canada”, unless stated difference on a Canadian visa office website;
    ● Be cautious of representatives charging a fee for supporting documents, like
    a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA);
    ● IRCC will never collect money or payments by phone;

    It is crucial for the immigrants to be careful when choosing an Immigration Consultant especially. Many immigration scams are taking place nowadays which deceive aspiring candidates making them lose valuable time and money. These fraud agencies have become increasingly creative and bold in their tactics and they have gone as far as to copy websites and social media platforms of reputed consultants. Differentiating between original and fake immigration consultants has become increasingly difficult.

    You need to pay attention to details such as their email, the payment method they require,
    their website etc. If the consultant is offering you false deals like guaranteed entry to a country along with a high-paying job and faster processing, be alert. 
    Depending on a fake immigration consultant to immigrate to a foreign country will cost you high! It can cost you money, peace of mind, your career, and even your future prospects of migrating to another country! Do proper research on the immigration consultant before choosing them.

    Being a registered and licensed immigration consulting service provider like RADO CANADA VISA can help you in a professional way on your journey to the Canadian dream. We are reputed for helping our clients to fulfill their immigration and overseas migration dreams.

    To learn more about our services and your options for immigration, connect with us now!