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Dr. Klodian Rado is more than a Canada immigration consultant. He is a Law Professor, Former Judge, International Legal Consultant, Author, Legal Scholar, and Mentor, with about 20 years of transnational professional legal experience, ready to represent you in all matters pertaining to Canadian immigration.

Being himself an immigrant, Dr. Rado is dedicating now his multidimensional career to helping people to come to Canada, for a better future. Dr. Rado also provides immigration assistance pro-bono based on compassionate grounds as the need arises.

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    Parents / Grandparents / Relatives


    Refugee Status
    Refugee Appeals


    Visitor Visa
    Super Visa

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    Canadian companies WANT you!

    Hundreds of thousands of overseas employees are hired by Canadian firms each year through more than 40 unique work permit routes. Apart from 2020, these statistics have been steadily increasing since 2015 and show no indications of slowing down.

    Canada has a large number of job openings and a low unemployment rate, implying that there are more job openings than competent employees to fill them. According to Statistics, Canadian companies were looking to fill an average of 5.2 vacancies per 100 employees in December, up from 3 in the fourth quarter of 2019. This rise in job openings corresponded with a drop in Canada's unemployment rate, which fell to 5.4 percent in December 2021, the lowest level since December 2019.

    There are sectors with high numbers of job vacancies and not enough workers in Canada to fill them. Recruiting foreign talent is the best way how Canadian employers can fill vacant positions in their companies. Foreign workers need a work permit to work legally in Canada. In some cases, the employer has to do what is called a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), or a labor market test, to hire a foreign worker.

    In case you are a professional with good experience in your job and you have moderately good knowledge of English this call is for you. You can obtain a work permit and at the same time guarantee an employment contract in Canada through our company which will professionally cope with all immigration consulting and every step of the process for you. You can also take your family and start the Canadian dream together.

    Contact us at for further information and visit for more information about this golden opportunity.

    If you feel discriminated, choose Canada

    Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated every 1 March worldwide by the United Nations. Today, we should manifest the importance of respecting our human rights. In countries with fragile democracies, religious, racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination are common precisely because of the lack of oversight of the implementation of Human Rights Conventions.

    However, this is not the case for Canada, where discrimination is said NO every day. Below you will find some reasons why it is worth moving to Canada if you feel prejudiced and discriminated against in your home country.

    1. Canada supports multiculturalism and diversity. There you will find people from all over the world, so being special is very common. As per Statista’s report, in 2020, there were 284,387 immigrants living in Canada.

    2. Canada has a high standard of living.  The categorizations will not prevent you from fighting for your success and dreams in Canada. Public services do not differentiate either.

    3. Canada feels like a safe home. Feeling secure is one of the most important values. In Canada you will not feel insecure about your opinions and beliefs and your protection is guaranteed by your state.

    4. Education in Canada is one of the best in the world. The real change comes after a good education and this is the example of Canada. It is no coincidence that Canada is a democratic country, where the freedom and dignity of the individual are paramount. This education has come from careful education,  therefore discrimination is a lesser problem.

    In conclusion, Zero Discrimination Day is a day to remind ourselves, each other, and decision-makers that this issue has to be monitored every day. Even in Canada, we can meet people who have felt prejudiced or discriminated against, but still, the numbers are almost negligible compared to the world. Welcome to Canada and Happy Zero Discrimination Day!